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Telecom Equipment Integrator

CETELNET is one of the leading partners of the main equipment manufacturers and telecom operators, for rolling out their Wireless infrastructure. Cetelnet also implements projects for VSAT service providers. With a ready pool of trained and experienced engineers, Cetelnet is ready to offer full-fledged customized solutions and services to customers.

We undertake turnkey installation & de-installation projects for complete telecom networks. Our installation teams have experience with most of theĀ  telecom equipment from the biggest vendors worldwide.

Cetelnet has the capability to execute large voice & data networks as it has bee associated with large networking and telecom equipment vendors.

Indoor Work

  • BTS Installation as per layout plan
  • Battery Bank installation
  • Interconnection & cabling of BTS
  • Rectifier Rack / SMPS installation
  • PCM routing and kroning
  • Environmental alarms install
  • Alarm cable routine

Outdoor Work:

  • Cable tray fitting
  • RF cabling & Optical fiber
  • ODUs, TMAs and RETs
  • Pendulum support installation and grouting
  • Antenna fixtures installation
  • Antenna installation & alignment

Microwave Link

  • Microwave Rack installation
  • Mini link installation & Commissioning of FIU/RRI/EITI
  • Antenna installation & IF Cable routine
  • DC connection to mini link through DCDB / MCB
  • Full system grounding
  • IF as per site engineer instruction

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