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Cetelnet implements sustainable energy technologies, like solar and wind, that produce power, encourage conservation, and integrate conventional and non-conventional energy sources.

We accomplish this by offering our clients all currently available technologies, encouraging saving, and fusing conventional and alternative energy sources to create mixed or standalone systems.

Cetelnet ensures the highest performance by using reliable equipment, providing warranty on the product quality. Moreover, we have gained a strong technical experience working in remote and isolated locations.

We are a trustworthy partner for the design, supply, develop, build, and operate small to medium-sized renewable energy power plants.

High quality photovoltaic installations aim to provide clean, robust, and durable access to electricity.

Whether it is for off-grid rural electrification or power outages in urban areas, our systems can provide you with a reliable and constant source of electricity.

We are able to adapt ourselves to your needs by offering you a large range of system configurations. Both autonomous and grid-connected systems are part of our expertise.

Moreover, we have dedicated a part of our operations on after-sale activities to always fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Cetelnet conducts technical feasibility studies, ensuring all our clients get all the necessary information to decide on the project

Whether you want to build a solar plant, electrify a hospital, a private house or a factory, or you are looking for an optimization of electricity consumption, we will measure and document your project.

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