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OSP Turnkey Services

Based on your needs and requirements, CETELNET will provide you with a comprehensive level one maintenance scheme for the preventive environmental maintenance.

The environmental maintenance consists of carrying out a periodic site visit in order to perform the required maintenance tasks. Based on your needs, an environmental maintenance check list is established in order to indicate all conformities and nonconformities. Non-conformities are replaced or repaired immediately.

Below is a list of typical preventive maintenance tasks to be carried out:

  • Electrical installation.
  • Inside Shelter Equipment.
  • Antennas and feeders.
  • Cabling Control.
  • External Alarms.
  • Shelter.
  • Metallic structures and components.
  • Air Conditioning 1&2.
  • Generators 1&2.
  • Site Cleaning.

Corrective Maintenance Services are always 24/7

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