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Cetelnet is an expert in the Construction and Installation of Air Traffic Control Systems, offering a range of services associated to:

Communications & Collaboration Systems:

HF, VHF & UHF Solutions

Directional Finding


Voice Communications Systems


Radio Links


Distance Measurement Equipment (DME)

Dopler VHF Onmi Directional Range (DVOR)

Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)

Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)

Airport Technology:

Lighting/ Electrical/ Solar Installations (Airfield Lighting)

CCTV Control Systems

Civil Works / Refurbishing

With partnerships from leading technology manufacturers, we integrate your IT architectures with the evolving technology solutions and services backed by professional services.

We manage complex turnkey projects in challenging environments by providing manpower, know-how, installation, and professional services to get the job done right on time and within specified budgets.

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