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FIBER OPTICS Turnkey Services

CETELNET provides full-service, self-performed structured outside plant cabling and wireless design and installation solutions to support fiber and communications infrastructure networks. Our clients include data centers, universities, health care and hospital campuses, long haul fiber and internet providers, federal/state/municipal governments, and private organizations. We marry together robust pathway installations with traditional and new micro duct technology.

CETELNET installs both copper and fiber cabling, delivering advanced physical layer networks for customers seeking tailored backbone technology infrastructure design, implementation, maintenance, and emergency restoration services. Long-termpartnerships with leading copper, fiber optic cable, and conduit manufacturers and distributors ensure that our team is trained in the latest technology solutions and installation approaches.

Services include:

  • Pathway selection, engineering and permitting.
  • Construction management.
  • Conduit, manhole / handhole placement.
  • Directional bore trenchless construction.
  • Aerial overhead installations.
  • Wireless tower facilities.
  • Fiber and copper installation.
  • Fiber optic fusion splicing.
  • Copper splicing.
  • Power meter and OTDR documentation.
  • Duct occupancy documentation.
  • Service/maintenance contracts.
  • Emergency response and service restoration.

CETELNET employs multiple OSP design engineers as well as installers and technicians with access to the latest installation, testing and documentation systems. Our team is supported by a multi-disciplined team of planners and engineers with local expertise in soil conditions, right-of-way negotiations and permitting compliance.

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