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Our highly trained and motivated professional workforce specializes in all areas of telecom integration, implementation and maintenance:

Cetelnet is an international leader in the provision, management, and implementation of telecommunications network deployment services and solutions for regional operators, vendors, and major enterprises.

We offer a wide range of flexible services to suit System Integrators connectivity and co-location needs. This, partnered with our experience of applying these services to common business challenges, ensures we deliver the best value every time.

Market stability and growth have characterized Cetelnet’s operations together with sound operations and a reputation as a dynamic, reliable and professional system integrator. 

Keeping ahead of new technologies and market trends, partnering on large scale projects, while answering new challenges, we have always provided our customers applicable, cost-effective, long-term solutions.

Cetelnet has built and expanded its territorial footprint as a telecom infrastructure integrator deploying projects in Africa, Central America and Asia-Pacific, providing operational control and versatility to mobilize and deploy its experts and teams according to need, thus maintaining a lean, professional and focused management and workforce.

As always, Cetelnet is in step with these market requirements, offering advanced services and engineering expertise to:

Assess tower capacity

Monitor site maintenance

Improve infrastructure to increase capacity, site sharing opportunities and overall network upgrading solutions

Telecom Operators and Equipment Manufactures enjoy the breadth of Cetelnet services and technical expertise to construct, expand, maintain and upgrade their networks in a dynamic and highly technical market. As networks infrastructure are becoming saturated and operators strive to maximize tower capacity and operation, aspects of tower management and maintenance are gaining importance.


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