CETELNET is an international provider of innovative, easy to deploy, cost effective, quality Civil Engineering & Infrastructure solutions of any scope of project rollout for global telecom operators and OEM’s.

Cetelnet’s expert civil engineers have vast experience catering for a wide range of telecommunication networks – primarily wireless, fiber optic networks and microwave – customizing site and network elements to our customers’ specific needs.

Our scope of services for end-to-end solutions include:

  • Site Design and Engineering
  • Structural Solutions-Supply of different types of towers
  • Project Management
  • Field Implementation

CETELNET specializes in a wide array of innovative solutions for fast deployment sites that are cost-effective, minimize the site footprint and consider the environment by being integrated to provide additional applications or camouflaged in decorative solutions.

As environmental awareness and aesthetics requirements of our customer grow we implement different decorative solutions to increase their functionality and blend both GF, monopole
and RT towers in their natural surroundings.

Keeping abreast of the field, Cetelnet offers in-depth knowledge and updated solutions for
all telecom technologies.

Cetelnet’s solutions are tailored to specific needs, whether as a comprehensive end-to-end turnkey solution for full network deployment, or as a particular solution catering to only one aspect of the project. CETELNET Civil Engineering executes complete telecom networks rollout from the preliminary stage requirements identification and tendering process to prompt turnkey delivery of an operative site. With an impressive track record Cetelnet interdisciplinary experts execute all phases of turnkey projects and furnish our clients with the entire range of civil infrastructure services.

Cetelnet is highly specialized in deploying project in isolated areas, undeveloped countries and tough enviroments.